ECS T10 France DRX vs MIT

DRX vs MIT Match Prediction

ECS T10 France DRX vs MIT

The ECS T10 France match between Drax (DRX) and Mitri (MIT) is going to be an exciting encounter.

The Drakes have shown strong form in the tournament, winning four of their last five matches.
Mitri have also performed well and won four of their last six matches. ECS T10 France DRX vs MIT
In their recent matches, Drakes scored 158/7 against Paris Zalmi, with Abdurrahman Ahmadzai contributing a quickfire 47 off 18 balls.
Mitri, on the other hand, chased the target against Paris Zalmi and won by eight wickets with the help of half-centuries from Shah Pandikhail and Muhammad Arslan.
It is reported that the pitch of Drax Sport Cricket Club is favorable for the batsmen and the average score on this pitch is around 1261. The weather is expected to be clear and there is no chance of rain, which should lead to the entire game going on without any interruption.

Considering the current form and performance of both the teams, it is a close decision. However, Drake’s consistent winning streak may give them a slight edge in this matchup. It is important to note that T10 matches can be quite unpredictable, and the outcome often depends on key moments during the game.

ECS T10 France DRX vs MIT
ECS T10 France DRX vs MIT

Head-to-head record between DRX and MIT?

The head-to-head record between Dreux (DRX) and Mitry (MIT) in the European Cricket Series France 2024 is not explicitly mentioned in the search results. However, I can provide some relevant information based on recent performances:

  • Dreux has won four out of their last five games, showcasing strong form in the tournament.
  • Mitry has also performed well, winning four out of their last six games. ECS T10 France DRX vs MIT
  • In their recent matches:
    • Dreux scored 158/7 against Paris Zalmi, with Abdurrahaman Ahmadzai contributing a quick 47 runs off 18 balls. They restricted Paris Zalmi to 143/5 and won the match by 15 runs, with Usman Khan picking up two wickets.
    • Mitry played their previous game against Paris Zalmi, where they restricted Paris Zalmi to 123/6 in 10 overs. They chased the target with ease in 8.5 overs and won the game by eight wicketsShah Pandikhail scored 51 (25), and Muhammad Arslan scored 48 (20), emerging as the top scorers.

The match between DRX and MIT promises to be an exciting encounter. ECS T10 France DRX vs MIT

ECS T10 France DRX vs MIT
ECS T10 France DRX vs MIT

ECS T10 France DRX vs MIT

Dream11 team prediction for the ECS T10 France match between Dreux (DRX) and Mitry (MIT)

  • Wicketkeeper: Arslan Zafar
  • Batters: Hamza Niaz, Ahmad Nabi, Usman Khan, Shah Pandikhail
  • All-rounders: Mohammad Nisar ©, Kamran Ahmadzai (VC), Muhammad Rafah
  • Bowlers: Tabish Bhatti, Wahid Abdul, Arslan Noor

Remember that T10 matches can be unpredictable, so consider recent form and key players when making your fantasy team.

Pitch condition and weather forecast for today’s ECS T10 France match between Dreux (DRX) and Mitry (MIT)

Pitch Condition

  • The pitch at the Dreux Sport Cricket Club has been decent and sporting so far.
  • Dew does not play a significant role on this pitch.

Weather Forecast

  • The weather is expected to be clean, and there are no rain chances.
  • The temperature will hover around 7.1°C with 92% humidity.

Both teams will aim to maintain their winning momentum in this exciting encounter

Dreux (DRX)

  1. Hamza Niaz (BAT): Dreux’s batter has scored 176 runs in five innings, making him a crucial player for your fantasy team.
  2. Mohammad Nisar (ALL-ROUNDER): With 172 runs in six matches, Nisar is another impactful player for Dreux.
  3. Ahmad Nabi (BAT): Nabi has contributed 157 runs in six matches and can be a valuable pick.
  4. Usman Khan (BAT): Khan has scored 300 runs in 26 innings and is a consistent performer.
  5. Shah Pandikhail (BAT): Keep an eye on Pandikhail, who has 142 runs in seven matches.

Mitry (MIT)

  1. Muhammad Arslan (BAT): Arslan has been in great form, scoring 192 points in fantasy cricket with a consistency rating of 6.
  2. Mustafa Omer (BAT): Omer has also performed well, accumulating 193 points with a consistency rating of 8.
  3. Hussain Yasir (BAT): Yasir’s 237 points and consistency rating of 8 make him a key player.
  4. Muhammad Shafique (BAT): Shafique has 279 points and a consistency rating of 7.
  5. Shah Pandikhail (BAT): Pandikhail, with 316 points and a consistency rating of 6.5, is another player to watch.

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